AdSense account creation

AdSense is the platform where a blogger can earn the money by posting the contents in their website; Google will give the money for ads which will display on the website. AdSense account creation

AdSense account is free, you will be charge nothing, and it’s a free platform where you can receive the money from the Google.

What are the criteria to get approve from AdSense?

Getting AdSense approval is not so much of hard and not so much of easy, there are certain criteria where a blogger must follow few steps to get AdSense approval, many people failed to get this AdSense approval because they might be did not follow the Google AdSense terms and conditions, the following criteria are important to notice each and every blogger or freelancer who want to earn income with writing of contents.

Criteria to get AdSense approval

If you want to get approve AdSense account then here is the few important steps to follow, where Google will look into this.

*should not post any adult contents, posting of adult contents will not accept by the Google.

*should not the copy contents, means no one should copy from others website contents, contents must be genuine.

*not to post anything related to illegal contents like drugs, violence etc.

*each content must have 500 plus words, every content must be genuine.

*should have website pages like, about, privacy policy, disclaimer contact us and terms and conditions.

These are the important criteria where should follow carefully.

AdSense account creation.

Creation of AdSense account is not so much hard it’s quite easy to start and quite easy to setup everything.

1: Gmail account: first important thing to create AdSense account, a person should have Google service like Gmail or Google account, if you have any one of them, then you have one, if not simply visit AdSense website and click on the sign up button, with in few minutes you will have a account in AdSense. Give a username and set a strong password, because accounts related to Google should have confidential.

2: Bank account details, phone number, postal address: to get paid from the Google you should provide a any private or nationalize bank and your phone number is for communication purpose, and postal address is for exact location details, after some amount you will get into bank account, then a post will come to your home, inside the post there will be a security pin which is most important for further steps to receive income from the Google without any hesitation.

3: connect your website to the AdSense: last and important step is to connect your site, rest everything it will take care, just link your site URL to the AdSense.

These are the basic steps to follow for creation of AdSense account, after link up your site, you will get mail from AdSense within  one week or more than one week.

if everything is perfect and  if you reach criteria of the AdSense you will get approval mail if not you will get reject mail. If its reject you will have another chance to re-apply for AdSense but before re apply should check each and everything.

If your website got approval then you can see ads display on your website, if your users will click on the particular ads then income will generate inside your AdSense account.

AdSense revenue based on cpc (cost per click) and cpm (cost per mile) according to this segment revenue of AdSense will calculate.

AdSense is a free platform where any person who has capability to write the contents about particular subject or any different types of contents can earn from the AdSense.

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