Best word press plugins in 2021

Do you want to know what are the best word press plugins in 2021? But before knowing about plugins, you have to know about what is word press?

Word press has now become one of the prominent software to build the website, you can build any website without any developer or without any graphic designer, weather it is blog, portfolio, business, or ecommerce, without any one help simply you can do it yourself, word press is named as world famous website builder, recently google announced that wordpress is best for creating any kind of website because of its user friendly design.  You can grow your business site, or any site without any limits, it offers many features where you can make your website stand out in first place.

You no need to learn any coding language to build website, now many reputed companies, fortune 500 companies websites has been built with this word press. You can design your vision; it’s also called as “content management system”.

What is plugins?

Plugins play important role in wordpress, plugins work as extension to the website, for example, sometimes you may not get perfect theme, if you activate any theme, it may not have some features like, social share, contact page, insights etc., with plugins you can build your website systematically, it gives weightage to website.

Without plugins, you cannot run your website without any destructions, it helps you to build well attractive website in no time. There are many plugins which you should activate after installing the wordpress from c panel. We strongly recommend the following list of plugins will definitely help you to build and run better website.

Best wordpress plugins in 2021

Classic editor

You believe or not this is first plugin which wordpress will recommend itself by the time of installing, classic editor gives good experience to write the the contents, it will let you to follow a structure of writing, like placing numbers, insert links, headings, characters count etc., it is most important plugin in wordpress.

Yoast SEO

Yes, without seo how can you rank your website and contents in search engine like google?, no its quite difficult thing to do, yoast seo is best plugin to perform on page seo. It gives best experience to perform and get good results, it include some important seo features like, meta description, meta tags, readability , keywords density, focus keyphrase, title of seo  etc.  These are the main elements to follow in seo on page to rank in top place.

Ninja forms

To attach any sort of forms in your website, this would be best plugin, forms like contact us, feedback, event registration, and documentation etc., anything you can build from scratch (blank) to professional. This one can be best choice for creating any forms; it should be in your bucket list.

Wp rocket

As a part of website building, you need to work for hours in wordpress, sometimes you need to download necessary plugins, and themes to create more attractive, spending hours of time unwanted files and storage would be create in your website, so “wp rocket” best plugin to clear the cache data, which will help your website to run great without loading delay, It will refresh your webpages and site.

Google site kit

Recently google created this software for digital marketer like you; google site kit is an important plugin where you can integrate the important tools like, “google analytics, search console and Ad sense”.

You can track your site data with analytics, website clicks and keywords in search console and how much revenue you are getting from ads. Every time you no need to open separate tab, you can check website traffic, website performance, user engagement etc. everything in this awesome google site kit plugin.

Elemantor pro

If you have creative mind, you think you can customize your website without any themes, then this one is for you, elemantor pro plugin give you end number of features which will suits to builds a professional blog website, portfolio, business, store, and Ecommerce websites, digital marketer from around the globe will suggest this awesome plugin, without any doubt you just go for it.

The above plugins which we use personally to run our business smooth, plugins are like support system to wordpress, without plugins you cannot run your website as you like. How you cannot run your television, pc, other electronic things without extension, same like only with plugins you would run your site extremely good.



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