How to create E commerce website in 2021

Are you looking for perfect answer about how to create e commerce website in 2021?  Haven’t you find any relevant search in Google? Then we must say you were in perfect place where you can find your answers, here we are going to clarify your question through our post, let’s get into this interesting article.

Back then decades, we don’t have any advance technology to order any electronic goods from the online, when technology changes itself, a new proposal and invention came into the world market that is called “E commerce”.

E commerce is like a revolution which set new records in business world, in those days if you want to purchase something like television, mobile, clothes, etc., you use to go showroom, spending lot of time over there and sometimes you won’t satisfy with the products, you decide to buy something and later you buy other product or brand. This is how a product being purchase by you.

Now everything has been changed, people are buying everything in online, whatever product they like, they simply visit to top e commerce website and order their favorite brand product, it will be deliver to their door step.

What is E commerce website?

E commerce or electronic commerce means business model which run through web, the sales and transactions which will done in online, every online shopping sites follows the same structure, buying and selling the products over the internet is called e commerce. Websites like, amazon, shopify, e bay, myntra are the perfect examples of e commerce website. Amazon is the most famous site which got worldwide recognition for selling quality and genuine products.

Types of e commerce business

To discuss about e commerce business, there are three types

1: business to business ( shopify ) which deals with company to company.

2: business to consumer (Amazon , Myntra) which deals with company to consumer.

3: consumer to consumer (E bay, Olx, Facebook market place) the dealing between consumer to consumer.

How to create e commerce website

There are two ways to create a website, either you can do it yourself by following the steps or else you can consult any good web developer who can create a perfect website according to your vision.

1: All you have to do is to choose any catagroy, like clothes, electronic gadgets etc, the command which you  have any product or service it will be helpful to you.

2: Next you have to choose a domain name, domain is nothing but name of a website, select any domain name according to your business, it should be unique.

3: After deciding all the parameters, next you have to buy a domain from reputed domain service companies; there are many companies exist in Ecommerce platform where you can buy a domain, companies like Godaddy, namecheap etc are the examples of domain providers.

4: Like how a domain is important, hosting is very important to run a full fledge website, hosting is nothing but storage of a website, if you want to post contents , articles , photos, videos in your website, then you should have a storage to store all the data, for storage hosting plays important role, many companies provide hosting servers for low cost, like godaddy, namecheap, bluehost, hostinger etc, by visiting any of this site you can buy hosting and you can choose best hosting plan according to your business.

5: After purchasing domain and hosting, you need to login into c panel which will be sent your email, there you can find the credentials of c panel.

6: C panel is a place where your entire website data stores, if you are facing any cracks or errors to your webstie, you can easily rectify by using this c panel.

7: Much software you will find in c panel, but the most important software which you need to install is “wordpress”.

8: Word press is the software where you will be handling your entire website, from wordress you can control your website, designing of your site, posting articles and other related website activities you can do it in wordpress, next you have to download few plugins which is more important to run your website smooth and have good weightage.

9: Next one of the important thing you need to do is “customize” of your Ecommerce site, site must be user friendly, which means design according to customer point of view, add important pages like, “Home, catagories, about, terms and conditions, privacy policy, register, login, cart, payment gateway.  These are the most important pages where every Ecommerce website should have. Upload every content like, articles, product images. Whatever products you have, or whatever product you have tie up, those products must be upload in site.

10: customer satisfaction is important to any business, build your website according to your vision and according to customers, set up live chat, and tie up with delivery agencies to deliver your product to your potential customers.

These are the important steps to follow before creating a ecommerce website. Ecommerce business is most emerging business in present scenario, providing good products and services will get you good profits along with success.

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