How to earn money on YouTube?

Do you want to earn money from YouTube? Then let’s know some points that how to earn money on YouTube.

When we have a taught about how to earn money on YouTube then we can search for the information related to it. Now, let me tell you in an easy way that how we can earn money on YouTube.

We can earn money on YouTube by applying for and being accepted by the YouTube Partner Programmer. When they accept your request then only we can start our YouTube channel. At the beginning they gave some amount to us as a YouTube shorts Fund. We may also qualify to receive a short bonus as a part of the funds without being in the YouTube partner program. How many views do we need to get paid on YouTube? In order to get money from YouTube when we can reach the target what they give us or more than $100 or more views from the viewers. Then we can qualify their test and my channels get verified.

A few Steps that we remember

  • They don’t tell what we can create on YouTube, but we have responsibility to do right by our viewers, creators and advertisers.
  • We may pay taxes on our earnings from YouTube.
  • We can constantly review channels to make sure that our channel is meeting all the policies and guidelines that are given to the YouTube partner program.

Ways to get money in the YouTube partner program

We can also make money on YouTube through the following features:

  1. Become a YouTube partner program: when we became a YouTube partner program and we can earn money from the ads which are appeared in our channel.
  2. Super chat & Super stickers: If we are more popular in YouTube then we have more fans to our channel. Through that way our fans can pay some amount to us and make their message highlighted in chat streams or online streams or in comment section.
  3. Sell products or merchandise: We can earn money by selling some products through YouTube. You may have doubt that how can we sell products through YouTube? Our fans can browse and buy the products that are shown in our page. Through this we can earn some amount.
  4. YouTube Premium Revenue: when we got 1lakh subscribers then our channel got verified. For that we can earn YouTube revenue.
  5. Brand Sponsorship: Sometimes a digital marketer can approach us and made a deal with us. That we can gave some publicity to their brand. Through that the digital marketer has some benefits and he can pay some amount to me.

As of 2019, there were more than 700 agencies that help match brands with social media influences like face book, instagram etc. Now we are in 2021, we can’t imagine how many agencies are adapted to these social media.

  1. YouTube best practices: YouTube best practices means the you tuber can increase his/her chance by attracting a large number of viewers and he/she can gave the best to maintain a good name to that channels. By creating a good content, which is helpful to the viewers?



Despite all these challenges, people who are able to attract a large number of viewers and give their best to their channel can make a substantial income on YouTube.





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