What are the different types of links in seo 2021?

Before going to the topic let me ask you about links is SEO. Do you know how links are used? What are the links in SEO? What do you mean by SEO?

Now let me answer all these questions. SEO means search engine optimization. SEO is used to boost up the quality and quantity of the webpage.

Links are used to create the connection between the people, events or ideas. We can create a back link for connection between one  website to another. When we have more link the higher rank we get.

Do you know what the number one factor when it comes to search ranking is? “It’s links” in a case of interview which was held between the SEO experts and they said that the number one factor that impacts google is links. These links are hard to build.

Now we are going tell about a few new links which are very excited.

  • Journalist Response: Journalst responses means if a journalist have to come to your website and asking a quote.Journalist like “the hindus” “times of india”etc. If they reached to you means your webpage is really doing good. It gets a good impression on viewers side. It also helps to maintain a good relationship with journalist over time to help each other.
  • Broken link: Most of the tools out there will allow us to crawl the web and helps to find the broken links in our website.We can say that there is a broken link in your website you may fix it with other websites too.
  • Unlinked mentions: It say about the brand quality of our website. Viewers may contact us directly in this unlinked mentions. It is very helpful to users.
  • Link type index: In this link type index the users has to login into their own account. Whereas he/she wants to search anything new then he can directly jumps into another account. It may not cause any trouble to the users account. For example if a person wants to write a blog in their website but he wants to search information in another website the he/she can handle both websites simultaneously. It also includes the menus, graphical representation and the diagrammatical representation too.
  • Author bio links: Author bio links means there must an author for any content which we have to seen in blog. When we briefly check the blog then we can find some menu option in that we can find the authors bio. It tells about the author biography. In which year he/she can start their blog and how many contents did they finish and how many contents did reach their goal etc.
  • Blog comments links: Blog comments links tells us about the relationship between the blogger and the viewer. If your content is good and the viewer can satisfy then he may leave a good comment in the comment section. Or if the viewer doesn’t satisfied to my content he may leave negative comment or tell any suggestions in the comment section. In that way blog comment links helps to improve the relation between the blogger and the viewer.
  • Forum comment links: forum comments links are the links which can communicate through online. Orelse they discussed the related topics in forums or discussion board. For example, we can take a college in that any notice is put in forum or discussion board. If they didn’t understand they can comment in the forum section. They can post related topics in forum too.
  • Pain links: paid links are the links which we can paid money for a backlink.

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