In this pandemic situation most of the people are not going to buy anything by their own. So, there is a lot of digital marketers came up and did their best to satisfy the customer. For example, If you take any business either it is large business or small business if they are using digital channels to promote there is business. Digital channels might be facebook, instagram, twitter, Google, bang etc. Growing their revenue is called “digital marketing”.

In simple words if any business is using digital channels to promote and make growth in their business is nothing but “Digital Marketing”.

What we are going to learn?

Now , we are going to learn about :

  • Traditional marketing
  • Organic Traffic
  • Paid Traffic
  • Various modules in digital marketing
  • Future of digital marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing.


  1. Traditional marketing: Traditional marketing means marketing that isn’t offline. They only focus on products only. It’s only target is to sell the products and reach their profit level. In traditional marketing, companies may use marketing channels like advertisements, broadcast and telemarketing etc. In this, People can buy their products by contacting the seller directly.


  1. organic Traffic: SEO is the main for organic traffic. It is like that the visitors may land on our website as a result of unpaid search results. Organic sources includes search engines like “Google, Yahoo, Bang”etc.



  1. Paid Traffic: It mainly comes from social media and search engines. It means if a any customer vist your website after they have paid for the promotions. One of the most common forms are PPC (Pay Per Click) & Google Ads.


  1. Various modules in Digital marketing: In this there are “ SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO”etc.
  • SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is used to boost up the quality and quantity of our website.
  • SEM means Social Engine Marketing. It is paid system for search marketing.
  • SMM means Social Media Marketing. We all are known the social media marketing. It uses social networking to promote their products. Social media like facebook, twitter, instagram etc.
  • SMO means Social Media Optimization. It seems like search engine optimization. In SEO we can optimize our content in search engine where as in SMO we can optimize our content for social media.
  1. Future of digital marketing: Now we are living in 2021. We all know that we are in a digital world. For example, when there is no usage of phones we know everything by news paper or radios or televisions. But now if anything happen we can know immediately by our phones. In that way the techonology is improved. So in future generation there is a chance to increase digital marketers.
  2. Email Marketing: It is one of the important module of digital marketing. It is like social media marketing. It helps to promote your brands through the email. It may reach people of any device. It can boosts sales of a product. It is an eco-friendly etc.


In this digital era digital marketing is very useful to everyone. These are the various modules in digital marketing that provide very clear information about digital marketing with their requirements. They need them for the growth of a business and increase in traffic and lead generation.








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