What is Micro niche websites

Micro niche websites are quite popular, because seniors of marketing  sectors defined that, micro niche websites are profitable websites if  you execute with proper action with pages and quality contents then it  becomes popular in search engines , in search engines it hard to get  traffic but when We talk about Micro niche It only deals with specific  keywords , so people tend to search for information , whenever you  write specific content google will show up your niche websites to the  users.

What exactly is micro niche websites  

Micro niche means very small Website , means every niche website  made up with few pages, in normal circumstances every Website Will  have atleast 6 pages including home page, but when it comes to Niche  website it only focus on specific keyword.

There are lot of ideas which can generate the income through this  keywords, in most cases micro niche would be same as website name,  for example if you want to write a content on specific Niche keyword  like “discount on mobiles” then your domain name would be  “ www.discountonmobiles.com , this is how it will be reach to public  because majority of customers use to search about latest android  mobiles that to in affordable prices with discount, google will show this  website in search engine if you post contents on specific keyword .

Number of micro niche websites 

In general, maintaining single Niche website won’t get make any good  profits but having more websites with targeted keywords tthen you will  be have better income from the micro niche websites, the senior

marketers who began build this websites in early 2009 , there income is  higher then their corporate job salaries, from the Adsense those  marketers earn lot of bugs by building this micro niche websites.

The major benefit of this small sites are you can easily target they  keywords and having matching domain it will make your website in first  place in google search engine. By targeting such specific terms than  every time you can able to write articles what users are looking for,  competition for micro niche keywords are hIgh.

Everything has been changed 

Even though marketers from around the globe build number of multi  niche websites, but time has changed and every thing has been  changed, with penguin and panda google updates, it Doesn’t me that  you cannot rank the Sites, still it’s easy rank the micro niche websites  but it really not best strategy any more, but building a large websites  with multiple contents is a good strategy to rank in search engines and  it will run for long time and large website is one of the strategy for  money making through Adsense, instead having 20 micro niche  websites just having one or two large websites will give more steady  and constant results.

To test the today market strategy you can use the small sites, to make  quick money and for practice purpose but it take lot of time to rank in  google or any other search engine platforms, it’s Better to make  something more unique that can bring more profits, a good long run  strategy is making up your small micro niche websites with lo of quality  contents to get natural and healthy back links.

Define your micro niche

Most of the business people knows what is micro niche, fashion,  health, food, fitness etc these are called micro niche, when people  search All these niches in google , it shows millions of results and  around the globe marketers had already posted the articles, so just  specified your niche, like, “best health care tips for girls”, “best fitness  tips for boys” etc, these are micro niches.

Some more micro niches 

*Real estate : Real estate business are every where in the world and  had huge demand.

*Fitness and health: The people who ever posses for maintain good  health.

*interior designs

*beauty care and make up

*Best hair and beard oil

*home Furniture.

Advantages of micro niche. 

Developing a micro niche will help your product to reach more public  and you can get more customers or clients, because you are targeting  for specific audience, with this you can create more leads and then  them into conversions.

*easy marketing : getting attention from the heavy crowd means that  you are something unique and special, so same with this micro niche  your brands Will get more attention from the public and generate sales.

*more profits: because of less competition, you obviously experience  good profits and you can get to know about your client desire, their  taste and interest.

Micro niche websites are the unique and interesting concept in online  market If you understand it deep then you can be a good marketing  influencer.

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