what is SEO and SMO in digital marketing

search engine optimization and social media optimization are both plays a prominent role in digital marketing, seo plays major role in search engines and smo plays a major role in social media platforms, getting traffic from social media sites are the main agenda to this smo can promote company brands rapidly through this smo specialization, and a individual person who ever want to expose their profile into public domain then this smo will help to reach more public to the people.

What is seo

SEO  means search engine optimization, we can say it a marketing tool, its like science because doing SEO requires lot of research to identify the users interest, what kind of contents users are looking for, what kind of keywords are ranking in webpages etc, these are the most important element to consider to do SEO.
SEO plays a major role in digital marketing it is one of the      specializations in it.

SEO main work is to optimize the webpages and contents, its like a tool where you no need to invest anything on SEO.  If a particular content wants to rank in the Google, it should have web page optimization, the following are the factor require for ranking the content in the Google through SEO.

*Quality of content

*mobile friendly content and website

*website speed

*lot of external and internal links

*good on page SEO

*page experience.

The above points play important role in optimization of website.

For life long constant result in the search engines of any content and products then SEO is very important to do.

On page SEO.

To rank in the search engines like Google, on page SEO is important to perform, it include many aspects to do perfect SEO, when on page is good and satisfied according to SEO factor, then there is a high chances to rank in the Google.

On page SEO means doing entire work in front of your wordpress website, the factors which include the on page SEO are

*Heading 1

*keyword introduction in first paragraph

*focus keypharse

*SEO title

*keyword density

These are the major factor to follow for on page seo, if these factor got satisfied according to seo then there will be chances for getting rank In the Google, based upon quality of content, keywords competition any content will rank in the Google.

To rank the contents in Google , not only on page is SEO is important but also off page SEO is plays one of the important role in optimization.

Off page SEO

Whatever activity we do outside of the wordpress is known as off page SEO, like how many aspects are in on page SEO  then there will be few more factors need to do for off page SEO, posting the links of our related content and product images in different types of high domain authority sites is called as off page SEO. The following factors are

*directory submission sites

*blog commenting

*article submission

These are the factors to do for off page SEO for every content of ours or products, a digital marketer should approach these sites and post a comment as guest, and submission of your article, and commenting about others article in those sites etc, these factors will help to get good domain authority and page authority, Google calculates the two authorities to rank the post in the search engine Google, with off page SEO you can get backlinks, like how internal and external links plays a major role for optimization this backlinks will help out for good rankings and engagement with users.

What is SMO

To get heavy organic traffic to your websites through social media sites then SMO works the best, top leading social media platforms like Facebook, instagram , twitter, link din, quora, pinterest etc. these are the most important social media sites where millions of active users have. These sites will optimize the website and  reach to the target and general users, users of these sites have millions, that’s why most of the companies promote their brands and services through social sites, can divert heavy traffic to company websites, there new leads and conversions will take place.

Sharing of product images, writing the short description about serives, sharing the links of website and contents etc, are the major work take place in this social media optimization. The following are the important social media optimization techniques.

*keyword research

*profile optimization

*content optimization

*social media analytics

*test headlines

*related hash tags of post

The above techniques which are useful social media optimization. Smo is the unique specialization in digital marketing.



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