What is the SEO plug-ins?

Before going to the topic let’s learn about the meaning of SEO. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps our website to rank higher in search engines by implementing certain techniques. It is a process of getting higher traffic to our website from organic traffic and gives free results in search engines.

Why we need SEO?

It is very important for digital marketers and online business holders.

  • Because it brings a top ranks to our website.
  • It increases the visibility of our website
  • It increases the visibility of our brand
  • It increases the peoples trust in us when our website got top rank in search engines

What is off-page SEO?

It is a techniques that website owners use to improve a website position in search engine results. Now we discuss about the off-page SEO techniques.

Off-page SEO techniques:

Article submissions: Article submission means it is one of the most important off-page SEO techniques. It refers to writing articles or contents about our online business.

  • The most important purpose of articles submission to attract the viewers to our website. Then we didn’t pay any extra cost.
  • And it is also helps us to improve our website ranking in search engines.
  • The main thing is that we should make sure that our content is relevant to our website or not,It helps build customer trust or not.We always includes relevant keyword with appropriate density in our content.

Blog commenting: blog commenting is a connection between the readers and bloggers. It is the easiest way to express our thoughts and opinions on a specific topic. If our topic is good viewers may leave a good comment in the comment section or our topic may not reach their level then they can put a advice in the comment section.

  • Commenting creates a good relation between the readers and the blogger.
  • In that way of motivating the bloggers can do their best after seeing that comments
  • Sometimes some bloggers use to increase their alwxa ranking.
  • Moreover, blog commenting shows that our content is being noticed by people and they are ready to read it and start encouraging us.

Press release submission: It is in media is an off page SEO technique. It helps to create an potential customers on a specific website.

  • It helps to draw the attention of potential customers and investors towards our website.
  • It helps to achieving high authority backlinks when we submit a press release on various media.
  • The press release can get you instant results which make it an effective banking strategy.

Directory submission: It is an important off-page SEO technique. It is a process where we can list our websites URL in different database and directories. It has a lot of advantages are there.

  • Blog directories can show every related search query in their related database.
  • Some directories can give ‘Do follow’backlinks so that it can helps in increase their ranking in search engine.

Social bookmarking: It is also an important off-page technique to get more backlinks and traffic to our websites. It avoid automatic bookmarking. It may considered spam and our website can be banned.

SEO plug-in by yoast: It allows the configuration of SEO relevant settings,which can be changed both locally and globally. The paid premium version includes a support and extension module such as local SEO,news SEO,video SEO etc. Some of the yoast features are

  • Snippet preview: It displays of posts and pages in the SERPs.
  • Page analysis: It helps us to review the posts and pages with regard to the length of their content a focus keyword,images and the alt-tags etc.
  • Technical SEO: It can be modified so that google and other search enginees receive certain signals.
  • Meta &link elements: It offers a wealth of settings to optimixe such pages and their display in the SERPs.
  • XML sitemaps: sitemaps can be created automatically and disturbed to search engines. Since the XML sitemap is available in XSL stylesheet format. It is changeable by the oeple.
  • Social media integrations: The facebook open graph is available in yoast with an implementation. The connections throught google plus features are in progress
  • Multi-site,import and export: It supports to use with multiple websites and also offers export and imports of settings if the plug-in is installed on other sites.

Rank math: It is the wordpress SEO upstart. It was launched in late 2018. It has been development for multiple years before that. It comes from the established wordpress development team in “My theme shop”.

Features of rank math

  • Set SEO titles: It create templets that automatically aplly to content.
  • Set social media descriptions: it helps to control text and images for facebook,instagram and twitter etc.
  • Focus keyword analysis: It helps us to enter one or more keywords to our content.
  • XML sitemap: It helps to create more customizable XML sitemap than the default wordpress sitemap.
  • Image SEO: It improves images SEO and automatically set alt-title tags
  • Link counter: It helps us to count the number of internal and external links in our content.
  • Basic Woocommerce SEO: It hekps us to set the prosuct or shop titles or descriptions ect.



Off-page SEO techniques helps us to reach a high standard position in our website. It is very useful to the beginners to start up their website.






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